June 27, 2018

Indie Expo Canada Skin Care Round Up

Indie Expo Canada

Hello readers,
While Indie Expo Canada had a main focus of nail polish, there were also a lot of skin care vendors and items for sale. Today I have a round up of all the bath and body products that came home with me from the event.

Indie Expo CanadaIEC

Cuter Cuticles

Cuter Cuticles Oils

Cuter Cuticles was kind enough to give me their event exclusive Lemon Cupcake trio featuring a cuticle oil, barrier butter hand cream and nourishing lip gloss. I had planned on purchasing this anyways and after I got home and smelled everything I regretted not picking up backups in this scent. I always have some barrier butter and cuticle oil on my coffee table so I took the shipping-free opportunity to buy some other scents like raspberry lemonade, bahama fizz and key lime pie. Sound yummy? You can find Cuter Cuticles on

Girly Bits Cosmetics

Girly Bits Boo Boo Butter

Girly Bits Cosmetics debuted their new Boo-Boo Butter at IEC. This product has a thick salve consistency. It looks rather waxy, but I found that once I got a little bit out on my finger tip it somewhat melted down into my skin. It has a mild scent with notes of honey, lavender and tea tree oil. Made from coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax, calendula oil, vitamin E, peppermint essential oil, tea tree oil and lavender essential oil, think of this as extra intense cuticle cream. You can find Girly Bits Cosmetics on

Inspired Sense

Inspired Sense review

Inspired Sense sent me home with a ton of products to try out including solid lotions, cuticle oil, hydrating skin spritzer, hand & body butter and nail rescue balm. Not pictured here are some delicious chocolate donut scented mani bombs which I forgot to photograph before using them. Oops! The cuticle oil has a lovely lemon scent (I love citrus scents). It also looks like the little roller ball package is refillable which is super handy. I also got the light lemon scent of the hand & body butter which is super thick. I might rename it a 'slightly less than solid' lotion because the formula is so dense, but dense in a good way. Scoop a little out and it quickly melts into your skin. I like putting it on before bed and letting it do its thing overnight. However, my absolute favorite so far is the solid lotions, especially coffee bean shaped hand moisture bites. These things smell like a rich cup of coffee. I also find that they don't leave my skin super shiny which is great for moisturizing my fingertips when taking swatch photos. You can find Inspired Sense on

My Indie Polish

My Indie Polish brand

My Indie Polish gave me a sample of their Lavender Chamomile Salve to try out. At first I didn't find this had any discernible scent, but once applied to my hands I picked up subtle notes of lavender. In the jar this has a fairly waxy consistency but it absorbs easily once it warms up in your hands. You can find My Indie Polish on

SoGa Artisan Soaperie

SoGa Soaps

SoGa Soaps was a brand I discovered last year at IEC and I was looking forward to picking up some of their items without any shipping costs. This year I got one of their lemon cupcake soaps in my VIP bag (doesn't it look like you could eat it?!). I also purchased some of their new bubble bars which have an amazing bright citrus scent and couple of bath bombs for those days where I really need to relax and unwind. You can find SoGa Artisan Soaperie on

Terrah Essentials

Terrah Essentials Body Care

Terrah Essentials was kind enough to give me one of their Lavender Soaps and Whipped Body Butters to try. I also got a sample of their Relief Daily Cleanser in my VIP bag. I haven't had a chance to try the soap yet as I already have a couple on the go. However I have tried the Whipped Body Butter and it is really lovely. The formula is thick and rich, like you would expect, but it also absorbs really easily which was a pleasant surprise since I've found some body butters take a little extra work to make them absorb fully. The Fruity Slices scent is exactly what you would expect from the name; a crisp sweet fruit scent. I've also used up about half of my Relief Daily cleanser and quite like it. It lathers up nicely, rinses easily and doesn't leave my skin feeling tight or dry like some other clay-containing product can. You can find Terrah Essentials on

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