December 06, 2017

Stamped Nail Art With Nail Effects Powder

Bundle Monster BM-2181

Hello readers,
Today I have the results of a nail art experiment to share with you. For the most part, I've been using effects powders in full nail looks, but today I tried them in combination with some nail stamping to get a shifty metallic design. Keep reading for all the details.

I started with a base of Zoya Landon with a coat of CND Creative Play top coat which had been dry for a day. Make sure that your base colour is 100% truly dry since the shimmery powder sticks to even the slightest hint of tackyness. Then I stamped on the tree silhouette design using Bundle Monster plate BM-S181 and Girly Bits Cosmetics Stump Up The Jam. Right away while the stamped design wasn't fully dry I used a small flat nail art brush to dab on Born Pretty Store Chameleon Mirror Powder #684. I tried to avoid rubbing it in since if I buffed it too much it would also get into the spaces between the stamped design. When I was happy with the coverage of the stamped design I used a fan brush to gently brush off any excess chameleon powder. I sealed everything up with a coat of FingerPaints Peel-Off Base Coat For Glitter. Here's how it turned out!

Nail stamping with powders

Born Pretty Store chameleon powder 684

Zoya Landon

... and a couple more in shaded lighting to really bring out the stamped design.

Born Pretty Store chameleon powder 684

Zoya Landon

Overall I am really happy with the outcome of this experiment. The powder adhered nicely to the stamped design and not too much stuck to other areas of my nail.  It's so pretty when the light catches it. The FingerPaints peel off base worked really well as a chrome topcoat too. I'd seen other people use UNT for the same purpose, but whenever I tried it the top UNT layer would peel off by itself within a few hours. I had read terrible reviews for the FingerPaints peel off ability when used as a base and thought that might come in handy here. As of writing this post, I've been wearing it for a day and haven't noticed any unwanted peeling. If you're still looking for a non-gel polish top coat for chrome and effects powders, I would definitely give the FingerPaints peel off base a try.

Happy polishing,


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