May 12, 2017

Born Pretty Store Chameleon Mirror Powder #684 Swatches & Review

Can I use chrome powder with regular polish?

Hello readers,
Today I continue my experiments using powders meant to accompany gel polish with regular polish. Before I tried out some metallic multichrome flakes and was rather successful. Today I'm trying some Chameleon Mirror Powder from Born Pretty Store.

Multichrome flakie nails

I tested out the Born Pretty Store Chameleon Mirror Powder in shade 684 which shifts from teal to indigo to purple. Full disclosure: this effects powder is designed to be used with gel polish. I didn't use it with gel polish. I wanted to see if I could get decent results with regular polish since that's the kind I normally use.

I tried it out over two cremes. On my index and pink finger I used Nina Ultra Pro Cobalt and on my middle and ring finger I used Sally Hansen Black Out. I waited until the polish was 95% dry. That is, you wouldn't be worried about smudging it, but if you touch two nails together, there's still that tiny bit of tackiness to the polish surface. Then I dabbed the mirror powder onto the polish using  a silicone nail 'brush' until the entire nail was covered. Then I used the silicone tool to buff the powder using light to medium pressure to smooth it out and even out the finish. Once I was happy with the look, I sealed everything up with a coat of CND Super Shiney top coat.

Multichrome flake nail polish

Loose multichrome chameleon nail powder

Multichrome nail art

Multichrome nail art

... and a couple of extra pictures in shaded lighting, because how could I not?

Color shifting powder nails

Multichrome nails

So would I call this a mirror finish? Over regular polish, no. Would I call it blindingly shimmery and shiny? Yes! One thing I noticed is that this did look a bit more chrome-like before I added the top coat. Apparently water based top coats are better at retaining that mirror finish so I just ordered myself a bottle to test in the future. Between this mirror powder and the multichrome flakes I tested previously, I think the flakes are a bit easier to work with. However, both definitely give pretty results. You can find Born Pretty Store on

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