December 20, 2017

Flakie Gradient + Stamped Nail Art

Creative shop 44

Hello readers,
Today I have some nail art I threw together when I couldn't quite decide what I wanted to do. I let my boyfriend pick which design to stamp and then combined it would some shifty flakie gradients. Read on for all the details.

I started with a base of Zoya Blake, a squishy blackened blue with a soft gold shimmer. On my middle and ring finger I stamped the design using Girly Bits Cosmetics Pardon My Periwinkle stamping polish and Creative Shop plate 44. On my index and ring finger I dabbed on a flakie gradient using Zoya Maisie. Once I let the flakies dry down and self-level I added a coat of Girly Bits Cosmetics What A Rush top coat to seal everything up. Photos were taken in daylight spectrum lighting.

Zoya Maisie swatch

Girly Bits Pardon my Periwinkle swatch

zoya blake

Happy polishing,


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