August 17, 2018

Born Pretty Store Round Sponge Brush Cleaner Review

Sponge Brush Cleaner Review

Hello readers,
Today I have the Born Pretty Store Round Sponge Brush Cleaner to share with you. This is the makeup tool I didn't realize I needed until I tested it out. Now, I don't think I could go back to not having one.

Born Pretty Store Brush Cleaner

The Round Sponge Brush Cleaner looks fairly simple. It's a semi-coarse sponge inside a metal tin. The idea is that you brush your makeup brushes on it to clean off any excess pigment between shades. It seemed too simple and easy to be true but I was wrong. This thing seriously works!

I find it especially helpful for eyeshadow brushes where I can be switching between light and dark, and matte and sparkly shades and don't want to muddy up my new colour with remnants of the last one. I just gently swirl the brush on the sponge when I'm switching shadow shades, and the sponge grabs any shadow left on the bristles and leaves it pigment-free. I haven't noticed any negative impact on my brushes either.

For the price of $4.69USD I highly recommend grabbing one of these if you ever use eyeshadow. You can find Born Pretty Store on

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