August 14, 2018

Born Pretty Store Stripe Magnet & Magnetic Aurora Series Aurora Borealis Swatches & Review

Born Pretty Store Magnetic Aurora Series Review

Hello readers,
Today I have a shade from Born Pretty Store's Magnetic Aurora Series along with their Stripe Magnet to share with you. Let's take a look at swatches.

Born Pretty Store Magnetic PolishBorn Pretty Store Aurora Borealis

Born Pretty Store Stripe Magnet

Aurora Borealis features a blackened base with blue shimmer and teal to purple shifting magnetic shimmer. Born Pretty Store recommends using this over a black base, but I didn't real that until after swatching it so I used it by itself and didn't have trouble getting full coverage. Specifically, I applied the first coat normally and then used the stripe magnet after applying the second coat while the polish was still wet. I don't recommend using that magnet after top coat since it's difficult to line up the stripes and you may end up diffusing the magnetic effect. Photos show two coats of Aurora Borealis with two coats of CND Creative Play top coat in daylight spectrum lighting.

Born Pretty Store Aurora Borealis review

Born Pretty Store Aurora Borealis

Born Pretty Store Aurora Borealis review

Aurora Borealis is lovely and the stripe magnet worked fantastically. It feels really light compared to my other polish magnets so I was worried it might not get the job done when I first unpacked it. Clearly my worries weren't needed. You can find Born Pretty Store on

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