October 23, 2017

Tonic Polish Alchemy Swatches & Review

Tonic Polish swatch

Hello readers,
Today I have another Tonic Polish shade to share with you. This one is a bit of a chameleon so if shifty polishes are your thing, be sure to read on.

Tonic Polish AlchemyTonic Polish Alchemy

Alchemy is has a deep sheer blurple base with a very strong purple to copper to green shifting shimmer along with lots of tiny silver holo glitters. There's lots going on in there. The end result is predominantly purple and copper in bright lighting, and more green and gold in shaded lighting. The formula was excellent requiring two easy thin coats for full coverage. Though it does dry smoothly, I added top coat out of habit. Photos show two coats of Alchemy with one coat of Girly Bits Cosmetics What A Rush top coat in daylight spectrum lighting.

Tonic Polish Alchemy

Tonic Polish Alchemy

Tonic Polish Alchemy swatch

Sorry Enchanted Elixir and Uniporn, Alchemy is officially taking the title as my favorite Tonic. The formula was great and I love that it takes on a completely different look depending on lighting. You can find Tonic Polish on

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