October 27, 2017

Zoya Perfect Lipsticks Fall 2017 Swatches & Review

Zoya wanderlust collection

Hello readers,
Zoya recently added seven new shades to their Perfect Lipstick line up. Along with some classic pinks and berries I was really excited to see an adventurous blue shade in the mix. Let's take a look at swatches.


Zoya Addie swatch

Addie is a pink nude cream. The formula is quite pigmented which was a pleasant surprise for a lighter shade. It feels creamy on the lips and has a relatively shiny finish. This lipstick is a few shades lighter than my natural lip colour making it a great my lips but better shade for me.

Zoya Addie


Zoya Bristol

Bristol is a medium berry creme. The formula has medium pigmentation which can be built up or sheered out. It has a satin finish and was a little less creamy the other lipsticks in this collection.

Zoya Bristol lipstick review


Zoya Izzy

Izzy is a bright medium red leaning pink with a subtle violet shimmer. The formula had medium pigmentation but it was easy to get an even finish. The shimmer is less visible once applied than it is in the lipstick bullet.

Zoya Izzy Lipstick


Zoya Layne

Layne is a medium mauve creme. The formula built up to full even coverage easily. It has a satin finish and felt creamy and comfortable on the lips.

Zoya Layne Lipstick


Zoya Lucky

Lucky is a bright fuschsia with a vibrant violet shimmer. Like most of the other shades in this collection, it had medium pigmentation that built up easily. The shimmer in this one is visible on the lips as a soft glow.

Zoya Lucky Lipstick


Zoya Maggie

Maggie is a medium berry creme. The colour is a bit cooler and richer than Bristol. The formula was a bit less pigmented than the other shades in this collection building up to medium even coverage with a shiny finish.

Zoya Maggie Lipstick


Zoya Tommy

Tommy is a deep inky blurple shimmer. This was the shade I was most excited to try out because I don't own anything else like it. Unfortunately, the formula on this one just did not work at all. It was very sheer and patchy. It took a lot of work to build it up to the coverage shown in the swatch below, and you can see the edges are uneven and it's already settling into my lip lines. The formula was also really creamy and I felt like it was going to smudge all over my face pretty much instantly. I don't have time to fix up my lipstick every 10 minutes. Tommy, I really wanted to love you, but I just can't.

Zoya Tommy Lipstick


Leaving Tommy out of the mix, I was really happy with the remaining six shades. The formulas are relatively creamy so you are going to have to reapply a couple times throughout the day, but they are also really comfortable on the lips. My personal favorites are Layne and Lucky; something neutral and something bright. You can find Zoya on

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