August 15, 2016

Gehwol Mother-Of-Pearl Scrub Review

Hello readers,
Recently, Nail Polish Canada started carrying Gehwol products. This line focuses on foot and skin care that includes natural ingredients and essential oils. I picked the Mother-of-Pearl scrub to test out since I love scrubs that incorporates natural grit.

This scrubs features a gel formula with mother of pearl powder, sugar crystals and tiny wax balls to scrub away rough spots and leave skin feeling moisturized. It has a mild fresh scent that reminded me of clean laundry. Since some parts of the grit don't dissolve, you can exfoliate your skin as long as you feel is necessary. Once combined with water the gel base sort of melts into a moisturizing salve and rinses off easily. If you look closely you can even see shimmery flecks of pearl on your skin as you lather. I used this on my legs and heels with great results.

Overall this is a nice scrub when you need a strong grit for rougher skin. It's an especially nice touch when giving yourself an at home pedicure. You can find the full selection of Gehwol foot and skincare products on Nail Polish Canada.

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