January 25, 2014

Lucky 13 Lacquer Electric Abyss and Stereotypical Sapphire Swatches & Review

Hello readers! A few months ago I got Kyoti over at Lucky 13 Lacquer to make me a slew of simple custom polishes.  What is a simple custom you ask?  A simple custom takes pieces from existing polishes in the L13L and mixing them together.  Maybe you like the base from Polish A but would prefer it with the glitter mix from Polish B.  Or, perhaps you love a polish but want to exlude one of the glitters in the mix.  That kind of stuff!  Basically, you can mix and match from existing polishes.  Today I have two of the polishes I had made to show you.  One of the funnest parts is coming up with the names to put on your creation.  For these too I chose Electric Abyss and Stereotypical Sapphire.

Electric Abyss was created by adding the shimmer from Big-City Dandy to a blurple jelly base instead of the original black jelly base.  Stereotypical Sapphire was created by taking out the moon and star glitter from Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey and replacing half of the medium ocean blue glitters with medium purple glitter.  See what I mean about tweaking existing polishes to make them your own?  I used Electric Abyss as my main mani colour and used Stereotypical Sapphire on my accent nail.  I found Electric Abyss a tad thick but it dried quickly so that turned out to be a non-issue.  (My usual fear of thick polishes as that they will take forever and a half to dry).  There was a slight reflective curl to the glitter in Stereotypical Sapphire but didn't translate to a physical curl on the nail.  Photos show three coats of Electric Abyss.  On my ring finger I have two coats of Stereotypical Sappire over one coat of Electric Abyss.  I accidentally forgot I was doing an accent nail until after the first coat, oops!  Everything was topped with one coat of seche vite.

So what do you think?  I'm leaning towards Electric Abyss as my favorite of these two.  I'm just love that squishy shimmer finish (and I don't have to fight to get glitter off).  I had so much fun creating these and Kyoti was very patient with all my requests.  I'm pretty sure I sent over a dozen emails containing idea, tweaks and suggestions.  If you want a simple custom of your very own get in touch with Kyoti via the Lucky 13 Lacquer website, or you can always send her a message on facebook.  I really need to try the other ones she sent me now.

Happy Polishing!

- Michelle