January 05, 2014

Dupes: Enchanted Polish Ciao Milano vs Darling Diva Polish Maxed Out vs Ozotic 528

Hello readers! Today I have a comparison post for you that has been floating around my brain for a while.  I wanted to see how close Enchanted Polish Ciao Milano, Darling Diva Polish Maxed Out and Ozotic 528 really are.  These three polishes all contain glitter that shifts from green to purple to coppery orange depending on the angle.

Enchanted Polish Ciao Milano, Darling Diva Polish Maxed Out and Ozotic 528
They all look quite similar in the bottle.  Maxed Out looks a little bit more purple but I think this is just because of the curved bottle as opposed to the flat fronts of the EP and Ozotic bottles.  I used China Glaze First Mate, a medium blue creme, as the base colour for all three.  I left my pinky finger with only the base colour so you can see the change due to the glitter toppers.  For Ciao Milano and Maxed Out I used one coat and for 528 I used two coats.  Photos show the three polishes in natural lighting with no top coat.

I think I'm seeing double...
So what do you think?  I think they look pretty much identical!  There were only a few small differences.  Maxed out has a tiny bit more sparkle in person since along with the colour shifting glitter it has a tiny bit of holographic sparkle as well.  The Ozotic dried a little bit more smoothly than the other two but it did require two coats to get the same glitter coverage.  If I could buy only one I think would have to go with Maxed Out.  First of all, it's much easier to actually get your hands on.  EP restocks as we all know are just crazy.  Ozotics don't seem to be in stock consistently either.  Second, it's way cheaper.  Darling Diva Polish Maxed out is $9.  She also makes a version of this polish without the added holo, Happy Wife, Happy Life, that retails for $8.  The Enchanted Polish and Ozotic are in the $15 range depending on where you purchase them from.  Are these dupes? I would definitely say yes!

Enchanted Polish - https://enchantedpolish.bigcartel.com/
Darling Diva Polish - https://www.darlingdivapolish.bigcartel.com/
Ozotic - https://www.llarowe.com/catalog/Shop-by-Collection/Ozotic, https://www.nailpolishcanada.com/categories/ozotic.html, https://www.harlowandco.org/collections/ozotics

Happy Polishing!

- Michelle


  1. Might take a look at Digital Nails too for a similar polish-I don't recall the name and their shop is on vacation mode for a little bit longer but it was very close!

    1. We Are The Music Makers from Indigo Bananas looks quite similar too.

    2. ... except it has a teal base instead of a clear base.

  2. Thanks for this! Adding Maxed Out to my wishlist. :)