January 18, 2014

Semi Successful Snowflake Nails

Hello readers!  I know we all look at nail blogs and wonder how they get such perfect manis and such gorgeous nail art everytime... I know I certainly do.  Because of this, today I am going to show to you a mani that caused me lots of frustration and only turned out... mediocre.  It's not perfect, it's not stunning but it's still mine! :)

I don't consider myself an expert stamper by any means, but I think I can do a decent job.  However, sometimes.... sometimes there is a polish that JUST WON'T STAMP.  It should work in theory.  It is opaque enough that the image is well defined, it transfers well to the stamper but it just refuses to stamp nicely on the nail!  This was my experience with Finger Paints Paper Mache.  It isn't the easiest polish to work with in general.  You know those polishes that start to dry so fast that you can't go back and fix bare spot or streak without smudging your polish like crazy?  This is one of them.  For stamping this meant that it dried so fast on the stamper that I had to be lightning quick to actually get anything stamped on my nail.  No time for alignment at all and it still didn't transfer the whole image nicely.  This polish is now marked for polish heaven (or hell... that would be more appropriate).  I used Bundle Monster Plate BM-H02 for the snowflake design and stamped it over KBShimmer Maybe Navy.

Pro Tip: To make stamping slightly less frustrating, make sure you have a nice layer of top coat over your base colour.  If you mess up your stamp you can gently wipe it away with remover without messing up the base.  Saves a lot of time compared to starting from scratch.

Do you have any suggestions of an opaque white creme polish that works well for stamping and as an everyday polish?  I've had good luck with China Glazes as stamping polishes so I might have to check out what their white is like.  Hopefully my next stamping adventure won't be as frustrating as this one was.

Happy Polishing!

- Michelle


  1. I have tried to stamp with Paper Mache and had the same experience! I use Wet N Wild French Creme for my white stamping and it works like a dream.

    1. Cheap and stampable? The best of both worlds! Thanks for the suggestion. :)