January 22, 2014

Battle Of The Purple Multichromes Part I - The Metallic Multichromes!

Hello readers! I feel like multichromes are the new holo.  Lots of different makers have had multichromes as part of recent collections which leads to the question: Do you need to get them all?  I realized that I have a lot of purple based multichromes in my collection already and decided to compare them to try and give you an answer.

Girly Bits I Hit My Bunny Phone vs KBShimmer Pigment Of My Imagination

Today I am comparing the two straight metallic multichromes that I have in my possession.  That is, they have no added holo pigment and give a shiny metallic finish.  On first look in the bottle they definitely look identical.  Both start with an indigo blurple base that shift to a redder purple and then to a coppery orange.  As I was putting them on there was one difference that became apparent.  Girly Bits I Hit My Bunny Phone was more pigmented than KBShimmer Pigment Of My Imagination.  In the end I only needed two coats of the Girly Bits polish but required three of the KBShimmer polish.  Photos show both polishes in natural lighting with no top coat.

So, what do you think?  I declare dupes!  You definitely don't need both of these in your collection.  I don't think there is a clear winner either though.  I Hit My Bunny Phone is more pigmented and requires less coats but it is also more expensive, retailing at $12.50-$13.  Pigment Of My Imagination is less pigmented and requires more coats but it is less expensive, retailing at $8.75-$9.25. So, for about two thirds the price you get a bottle that will last two thirds as long.  They both had easy to apply formulas that dried smoothly and both had the exact same end look.  I really think which is best for you really depends on what qualities you're looking for in a polish.  I'll be back later this week with the remaining four polishes - the holo purple multichromes!

Happy Polishing,

- Michelle


  1. Great comparison! Can't wait to see you compare the EPs with the Girly Bits and ILNP :)

  2. I love dupe posts! It helps me narrow down my wishlists.

  3. Awesome, love comparison/dupe posts!