January 16, 2014

KBShimmer Maybe Navy Swatches & Review

Hello readers!  Today I have a polish from the KBShimmer Winter 2013 collection to show you, Maybe Navy.  This polish was the first one to really catch my eye when these colours were first released.  A blue flecked polish? Yes please!

Maybe Navy features a navy blue flecked base with pops of purple and pink.  In some lighting at extreme angles it seems to get a bit of a green hue to it as well.  This polish was pretty much opaque after two coats but I added a third just to be sure.  No issues with formula.  It was easy to work with and dried smoothly.  Photos show three coats of Maybe Navy with one coat of Seche Vite in natural lighting.

I wore this polish alone but I think it would also look amazing layered over a dark colour.  Also, due to the way the micro flakes reflect light sometimes this polish appears to have a bit of a textured finish even though it's completely smooth to the touch.  I think that's really neat and it's something I haven't seen in another polish before.  My only minor disappointment is that there is less of a green shift than the original bottle shot on the KBShimmer website led me to believe.  It's still a gorgeous polish though.  You can find KBShimmer at

Happy Polishing!

- Michelle

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