January 07, 2014

Off Topic Tuesdays: Julep Blank Canvas Mattifying Face Primer Review

Hello readers! Today I'm going completely out of my comfort zone and doing something I've never done before on the blog... show you my face!  Get ready for some forehead close ups too!  Along with everyone else who ordered the Julep Naughty or Nice mystery box I received their Blank Canvas Mattifying Face Primer.  I don't normally use primers but I figured since I already had it, I might as well put it to the test.  I don't wear foundation so I'm testing the mattifying aspect of this primer and seeing if it actual makes a difference.

I have combination skin with my forehead being more towards the oily end of the spectrum.  I decided to test the primer on that area to see if it actually reduced shine.  I started out by following my normal skin care routine.  I washed my face with The Body Shop's Tea Trea Skin Clearing Facial Wash and then moistured with Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer.  I then applied the primer to the right half of my forehead (so left side of the photos).  Here's what it looked like right after application.

After Application

You can clearly see the difference that the primer makes.  The right side in the photo is much shinier than the left.  This is  good start... but will it last?

Two Hours After Application

There is still a clear difference between the side with primer and the side without.  After two hours the left side in the photo is still quite matte.

Eight Hours After Application

Do you like my last smiley full face picture? I'm smiling because I know I don't have to take any more awkward pictures trying to capture the shine on my forehead :P.  After eight hours the side with the primer is still less shiny than the side without but is no longer completely matte.  It's still an improvement over no primer at all though.

Does the product work as a mattifyer? I would say yes.  It did do a good job of reducing the shine on my forehead for eight hours and completely prevented it for the few couple of hours.  I think in the future I'll probably use this when getting ready for an evening out.  Now, is it worth the cost?  For the price of $28 ($22.40 for mavens) I think I would have to pass.  I think you could probably get comparable products at the drugstore that would give similar results.  However, on sale, I would definitely consider it.  Since I didn't use it as a make up primer I can't comment on how it fares in that department.  I should also note that I've used this a couple times now and didn't have any negative reactions.  My skin breaks out pretty easily so I'm really glad that this product doesn't seem to contribute to break outs.  Did you get this product in the mystery box or have you tried it before? What did you think?

Happy Polishing,

- Michelle


  1. This is a great review! Totally helpful! I'm definitely going to try mine now :D ~Trella

  2. Loved your wear test! Tempting but I have others to get through....

  3. Definitely something I would try if I got it for free or a good discount, but I agree - there are drugstore products that do the same for quite a bit cheaper. Great review!