June 18, 2013

Nebula Nails

I love the look of galaxy nails, but I've never actually tried them because they just look like they would take so much time to do.  I was playing around with my current manicure, Zoya Natty and Pipe Dream Polish What You Are Or What, and trying to decide on a top coat to change up the look.  I settled on Ruby White Tips The Sword and once I put on a coat I was struck by how similar the colouring was to galaxy nails.
Zoya Natty, Pipe Dream Polish What You Are Or What and Ruby White Tips The Sword.
Thus, I call this manicure Nebula Nails!  Because The Sword is a duochrome you end up getting patches of purple depending on what angle the light hits your nails.  Much easier than sponging purple polish onto specific spots.

To get this look use two coats of Zoya Natty, one coat of Pipe Dream Polish What You Are Or What and one coat of Ruby White Tips The Sword.  I used CND Super Shiney as a top coat, but any shiny top coat would do.  Hope you like them, and maybe you can do some 'lazy' galaxy nails too!

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