June 24, 2013

Contrary Polish Firebrand Swatches & Review

Happy Monday everyone!  Today I'm really excited to show you my first Contrary Polish, Firebrand.  FYI Carrie is a fellow Canadian and I love to try home grown brands.  Firebrand is a deep wine coloured polish with a burgundy shimmer.  If the light hits it at just the right angle you also get flashes of purple.

As I was applying the first coat I was afraid the polish was going to be streaky, but after a second coat my fears were cleared right up.  This polish goes opaque in 2-3 coats depending on how thin you make them.  It dried very smoothly and I just added a topcoat to protect against potential chipping.

Two coats of Contrary Polish Firebrand with one coat of CND Super Shiney top coat in natural sunlight.  Top left was taken in shade and the rest are in direct sunlight.

Bonus picture with the dahlia I planted yesterday! They are a perfect match.

Overall I really like this polish.  I'm not usually drawn to reds but I really like this shade.  The subtle pops of purple make it different than the usual shimmery red.  Application was easy and so far I've had it on for a day with no chips.  Contrary polish has lots of polishes in this style, that is, a creme base with tons of shimmer and I hope I get to try more of them in the future.  What do you think of this classic colour with a twist?

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