June 25, 2013

Getting Organized - What To Do With The Stuff You Use All The Time??

I always do my nails sitting on the couch, watching tv, with all my supplies strewn across my coffee table.  Slowly but surely the surface area of my coffee table that wasn't covered in polish bottles was getting smaller and smaller.  I still haven't found a permanent solution for my actual polishes, but I'm guessing I will end up with something along the lines of a helmer or a melmer unit.  That deals with polish, but what about those things you use all the time?  Really, there's no point in my stashing my base coats, top coats, files and tools in another room because I'm going to bring them back out almost instantly.  I was walking through Michael's one day when I stumbled upon this little caddy in the clearance section and I instantly though it would be the perfect thing for all my regularly used polishing supplies.  The fact that it was only $8.99 (in Canada) was a bonus!

Here it is all filled up.  The tall sections on the side fit a sleeve of cotton pads and a small bottle of remover from Sally's perfectly.  I keep the larger bottle of remover stashed away and just fill up the smaller one when needed.  The shallow compartments in the top are great for clippers, files, dotting tools and brushes.  In the drawer I have everything else.  My top coats, base coats and treatments are all at the front for easy access.  In behind I have all my stamping stuff in a little plastic ferrero rocher box and other miscellaneous things like nail wheels.

Such a simple little change but it makes finding my stuff so much easier and my coffee table look a little less cluttered.  Now I just have to deal with the sea of polishes that surround my nice organized nail caddy.  What solutions have you found to deal with your polish addiction?

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  1. I've been trying to figure out what to do with all of my polishes too. I recently ordered a tote from 31 that I'm hoping will help. It's large enough to hold smaller bags inside, so my plan is to sort the polishes by color and put those in the smaller caddies and then put the smaller caddies in the tote. I also got a smaller bag that clips to the outside of the tote for all of my files, dotting tools, etc. The tote is supposed to hold 8 caddies inside, so hopefully this will help me contain my 200+ bottles of polish. It should arrive on Friday - I'll let you know how it works!