June 21, 2013

Julep Miami Destination Mystery Box Review

I finally got my Miami mystery box in the mail today.  I got box #3, which seems to have been the most common one.  Here's what it contained.

Let's do the polishes first.  I got three polishes including Isla (Boho Glam), Paris (It Girl) and Lauren (Classic With A Twist).  Isla is described by Julep as a soft milky-white metallic but to me it definitely just looks like a metallic silver.  Paris is a multidimensional holographic glitter top coat and Lauren is a hot pink creme.  I like the polishes although some are dupes for other colours I already own but that's the risk you run with a mystery box.

Next up is the lip balm.  I really like this.  It smells really good and I'm very happy they opted for a balm rather than a gloss or a lipstick.  Everyone can use a balm.  I'm also happy that their balm comes in a 'stick' form rather than a pot.  So much easier to apply and I feel as if pots get contaminated since you have to dip your fingers in them over and over.

Finally I got some Invisible Dry Shampoo.  I'm disappointed with this one.  When I signed up for Julep I was under the impression that it was a polish and nail care oriented subscription.  They seem to be branching out lately into other areas of beauty and body care (lipsticks, DD cream, dry shampoo, etc.) which are things I just don't use very often.  My nails are always polished but other than that I don't use a lot of makeup.  Dry shampoo just doesn't seem to fit into the overall "nail care" theme the same way a moisturizer or a scrub would. (I realize lip balm also doesn't fit that theme, but it's a small item so I don't mind).

Overall I'm feeling neutral about this mystery box.  I don't hate it but I don't love it either.  I think in the future I'll be waiting for some reviews to start popping up before I order another.  For $24.99 I could easily get 4 polishes I know I will love with a buy one get one free coupon code (which seem to get released fairly often).

On another note, I did splurge during their recent warehouse sale.  Get ready to see some awesome haul pictures.  I may or may not of placed 5 orders, haha.  The benefits of maven free shipping.  Did you get one of the destination mystery boxes?  How do you feel about what you got?

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