November 15, 2017

CND Creative Play Royalista Swatches & Review

CND Royalista

Hello readers,
Today I have a polish from a new-to-me line to share with you. I had tried the CND Vinylux line before but hadn't yet tried their Creative Play line which I've seen popping up in more places recently. Let's take a look a the shade Royalista.

CND Creative Play RoyalistaCND Royalista

Royalist is a bright medium blue creme. The formula was average, not amazing but not terrible. It took two coats to become opaque though I did have to keep an eye out for sheer spots. I used this over the CND Creative Play base coat and didn't experience any staining which is great, especially for a blue. Photos show two coats of Royalista with one coat of CND Creative Play top coat in daylight spectrum lighting.

CND Creative Play Royalista swatch

CND Royalista swatch

CND Creative Play Royalista

Overall, I don't see myself running out to buy more colours right away. However, if there's something unique that I haven't seen from other brands I would definitely consider it. You can find CND on

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