April 11, 2016

Products I Finished This Month - March 2016

Hello readers,
It's spring! Well ... that's what the calendar says.  However, the snow on the ground outside and the flurries in the forecast tell a different story.  Let's take a look at the products I finished last month to find out with were winners and which were duds.


The usual shampoos and conditioners are in the mix this month along with a sample of Dove Pure Care Dry Oil.  I loved they dry oil!  It added shine and smoothness to my coarse wavy hair withouth weighing it down or leaving a greasy residue.  I bought the full-size and then received another from ChickAdvisor, so I set for a while.


The winners for me this month were the dr. brandt PoreDermabrasion scub, the Olay fresh effects dew over moisturizer and the Vasanti BrightenUp! scrub.  Both scrubs had a substantial grit which my skin loves and left it feeling soft and smooth.  I also really like that the dr. brandt scrub gets left on for a few minutes after scrubbing as a sort of pseudo-mask to help remove impurities.  The Olay moisturizer was a gel consistency which I really like and I could see it being a drugstore alternative to my Clinique moisture surge.  I'm up to my ears in moisturizers and scrubs right now though so I don't need to restock any time soon.  My biggest disappointment this month was the Maybeline Superstay lip colour.  I found the formula uncomfortable to wear and on me the colour started flaking a few hours into wearing it.  There are lots of options that are both more comfortable and last longer.  I ended up finishing up the balm half of the product and am tossing the rest of the lipstick.


I finished my last bottle of vitabath's sweet pink peppermint body wash which makes me sad because I absolutely loved it but didn't see it released around Christmas this past year.  I would definitely use other vitabath body washes in the future.  I'm continuing my love affair with I love... bubble baths.  I also really like the Jergens Moisturizer For Wet Skin.  I really wasn't expecting much out of this sample but it worked really well.  Once I make it though my body lotion stockpile I will definitely consider switching to this in shower version.  I wasn't pleased with philosphy's purity face wash, so I used them up as body wash so I didn't waste them, but I wouldn't repurchase them.  I also finished my sample of Routine's natural deodorant beeswax formula.  I really wanted this to work since I liked the formula and performance a lot.  Unfortunately it gave my skin a rash.  It didn't feel irritated but patches turned red, and no one wants blotchy red armpits.


Look at that giant bottle of basecoat I finished! CND Stickey is my go to and I've already bought another giant bottle to replace it.  I also finished some more Emerald & Ash cuticle oil which I still have a stockpile.  I find L'Occitane products in general too heavily scented for me.  If I end up with a sample I will use it because they formula is nice, but it's not something that I would purchase for myself.

Happy polishing,



  1. I feel the same about the hand creams, I love them but so heavily scented that I reach for others

    1. My current favorite is the gardener's hand cream from Crabtree & Evelyn. I originally got it in a Birchbox, and swapped for a backup.