April 06, 2016

Brocade Stamped Nail Art Featuring Born Pretty Store Clear Stamper

Born Pretty Store Clear Jelly Stamper Review

Hello readers,
I have a new-to-me stamper to share with you today.  I loved the idea of a clear stamper for precise placement so I jumped at the chance to review the Clear Jelly Stamper from Born Pretty Store.

Born Pretty Store Clear Jelly Stamper

I first tried the stamper without any priming but didn't have any luck with either my UberChic or Moyou London plates and my trusty China Glaze Liquid Leather polish.  For my first priming attempt I washed the clear stamper head with dish soap, but still, no luck getting any polish to pick up whether rolling or pressing the stamper straight down.  The stamper description said not to file the head to prime, but I wasn't really left with any alternatives.  After a light filing I finally got it to pick up polish, but it now has a slight haze making it a little more difficult to see where you're stamping.

For this look I started with a base of Lucky 13 Lacquer Valkyrie.  I used China Glaze Liquid Leather and Moyou London's Fashionista Collection 07 plate to add the design and a coat of Girly Bits Glitter Glaze to seal everything up.  Unfortunately I rushed the top coat and accidentally smudged my ring finger.  Photos were taken in daylight spectrum lighting.

Black and Nude Stamped Nail Art Lace Nail Art

Brocade Nail Art Brocade Nail Art

Unfortunately I didn't find this stamper easy to use.  In order to get it to pick up polish I lost the crystal clear aspect of the stamper head.  If you're picking up any other nail art supplies from Born Pretty Store make sure to use the coupon code MSTK31 for 10% your order of regular priced items.

Happy polishing,



  1. I am trying the picture polish one next as many say it does actually pick up polish without priming and ruining it

    1. Good to know. Thanks for the suggestion. :)