April 27, 2016

CND Vinylux Wild Moss Swatches & Review

Hello readers,
Today I have a my first experience with CND Vinylux polish to share with you.  I got the shade Wild Moss along with the matching Vinylux top coat from ChickAdvisor to test out and review.  The Vinylux system is supposed to be a long wear polish that applies like any other polish and doesn't need curing.

Wild Moss is a sage green with a gold glass fleck shimmer.  The formula was ... disappointing.  The first coat was super streaky and the more I tried to even out the streaks the worse they got.  I was hoping that the second coat would even things out, and though it was a lot better than the first, there were still some bare spots that I very carefully filled in.  Honestly I really needed a third coat but the instructions said to use two and I wasn't sure if an extra coat would affect wear time.  Photos show two coats of Wild Moss with one coat of Vinylux Weekly Top Coat in daylight spectrum lighting.

Though the formula on this particular shade wasn't my favorite, I did find it stood up to situations that would normally lead to chipping very well.  Four days in and I've only experienced some very minimal tip wear.  To help the polish really stick I did swipe my nails with rubbing alcohol to remove and oils before application and made sure to wrap my tips with the top coat.  I do have another shade from this line that I haven't had the chance to try yet and I'm definitely going to test it out.  I really hope it has a better formula because I really like how long this system wore on me.  You can find CND on

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