May 06, 2013

Indies! The Lady Varnishes Castle Beyond the Goblin City

Castle Beyond the Goblin City from the You Have No Power Over Me collection is a charcoal grey almost opaque jelly polish.  It features green microglitter and larger silver and teal hex glitter.  I love this colour combo.  The green micro glitter really pops under natural sunlight.  You can also choose to have a scent added to the polish.  I chose mint and I can definitely still smell it even through the top coat.

The pictures above feature two coats of Castle Beyond the Goblin City with two coats of CND Super Shiney top coat.  This polish is a thicker polish so it takes a little bit of extra work to get it  on evenly.  However, any minor bumps due to the polish's thickness were easily evened out by the top coat to give it a nice smooth finish.  I may add a little bit of nail polish thinner to mine in the future to make application easier.  Want a bottle of your very own?  Check out her etsy shop at

Update: I added a little nail polish thinner to this polish and now the application is easy and flawless.  

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