May 15, 2013

Indies! Neener Neener Nails High Tide

I recently received this polish as a gift from a friend and was super excited to try it out.  High Tide is a sheer light blue cream polish with a mix of blue and purple glitter of various sizes.  The first thing I noticed about this polish was that it smelled kind of weird.  I realize all polish doesn't smell very nice, but this one reminded me more of a white out smell than the traditional nail polish smell.  I got past that though and moved on to actually putting it on.  It took three coats to get opaque.  I noticed that the polish dried quite quickly so I had to work fast to get an even coat on each nail.  The finish was a bit rough.  It took three coats of top coat to get a smooth finish (I am picky though!).  I also use a fairly thin top coat so it would likely take less with some thicker brands.  One thing I quickly learned was to be very light with the brush when applying top coat.  It was easy to smudge the blue cream base upwards and cover up the pretty glitter if there was too much contact between the top coat brush and the nail. 

All photos were taken in natural sunlight and feature three coats of High Tide with three coats of CND Super Shiney top coat.  Once I got the finish smoothed out I was really happy with the look of this polish.  It's a great springtime colour.  Want a bottle of your very own?  You can find Neener Neener Nails on Etsy at

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