May 31, 2013

Spring Swatch Spectacular: Ruby White Tips Part Four

Disclaimer:  These polishes were offered at a reduced price or at no charge to in exchange for published reviews.  All reviews are fair, honest and reflect my personal opinion.    

Today I have the final three polishes that I received from Ruby White Tips to show you and then my overall impressions of this indie brand.  First up is Gracelyn from the Customs Collection.  Gracelyn is packed with tiny purple flakes.  The listing says this polish is pink, but in my opinion it falls in the purple category.  No problem with that though as it's somewhere on the border between the two colours.

I did three coats of this polish but it was still a bit sheer and my nail line was still visible.  It's beautiful on it's own but due the number of coats it would take to become opaque I think it would work best as a topper over an opaque base colour.  On the other hand, if you're going for a more subtle sheer manicure a coat or two of this would be a great option.  The pictures show three coats of gracelyn with one coat of CND Super Shiny top coat in natural sunlight.

Next up is the Rachel Zoe inspired O.M.G...I...Die.  This polish is described as being made with round teal, square orange iridescent, and micro holo sparkles in a jelly base.  The first bottle I got didn't look the part though.  It had the correct raspberry coloured jelly base but had three sizes of pink round glitter, very few orange squares and no silver microglitter.  

Mislabeled Incorrect Polish

I contacted Ruby White Tips and described the polish I had received and was told that O.M.G...I...Die has always had pink round glitter and that she couldn't guarantee that everyone's polish will look the same on each and every person.  This bugged me.  I knew my polish was significantly different.  I responded with a swatch of the polish I received and links to reviews from other bloggers and pointed out the differences between O.M.G....I....Die and the polish I had received.  It turns out that she had accidentally sent me a custom polish that she had made for a customer who wanted the same base as O.M.G...I...Die but with different glitter.  

Replacement polish - Correctly labeled O.M.G...I...Die

 The correct polish got sent to me free of charge and I'm much happier with this one.  It's one of my favorites out of all the polishes I ordered from Ruby White Tips.  The formula was easy to work with despite being packed with glitter.  I did three coats to add some extra depth but it was opaque after two.  The following pictures show three coats of O.M.G...I...Die with one coat of CND Super Shiney top coat in natural sunlight.

The final polish I want to show you is Mermaid Dreams.  It's a tie between this and O.M.G...I...Die for which is my favorite.  Mermaid Dreams is a shimmery teal with micro silver and blue glitter as well as larger gold hex glitter.

I absolutely love it. The formula was really easy to apply smoothly and it dries with a satin finish.  The pictures below show two coats of Mermaid Dreams with one coat of CND Super Shiney top coat in natural sunlight.

If you like any of these polishes and want to get a bottle of your very own check out the Ruby White Tips Etsy shop at  You should also check out the Batworld Sanctuary Collection.  Half of all proceeds from these polishes will go towards to help wayward bats.  While you're there take a look at Billy's Blue.  Half of the proceeds from this polish will go towards Autism Speaks.  Stay tuned for my overall thoughts on this indie brand in the next post!

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