May 09, 2013

Indies! Digital Nails Convergent

Today I'm excited to share with you swatches of another indie polish I just got, Digital Nails Convergent.  This polish is a super shimmery teal-blue.  At certain angles it turns into a shimmer purple, but the teal is definitely the dominant colour.  There is also some tiny holographic glitter that really pops in sunlight.

My first impressions were that is was a bit lighter than I expected based on the pictures in the Etsy shop but it was still gorgeous and so shimmery!  I thought it would take a good number of coats to reach opacity but to my pleasant surprise it only took two!  The formula is a great consistency and very easy to apply.  All photos show two coats of Convergent with one coat of CND Super Shiney top coat.

Overall I am incredibly happy with this polish.  The shimmer is just unbelievable.  The seller even included bonus toe separators and a mini buffer in my package even though I only ordered one polish.  If you want a bottle of your very own you can check out Digital Nails on Etsy at


  1. This is so pretty!

    Are all three pictures in natural light or is the last one indoors?

    Indie makers will never cease to amaze me with their talent and creativity!

    1. They are all taken outside in natural light. The only difference is that some I took in direct sunlight and some in the shade.