May 25, 2018

Hedo Cosmetics Swatches & First Impressions

Hedo Cosmetics Swatch

Hello readers,
Today I have a new-to-me Canadian cosmetics brand to share with you, Hedo Cosmetics. I was really drawn to their rainbow of matte eyeshadow shades and bought two 6 shadow bundles during a recent sale. Let's take a look at swatches.

Hedo Cosmetics review

Hedo Cosmetics review

For $45CAD you can build your own custom palette which includes six shadows of your choice and a Hedo branded palette to store them all in. I ended up reusing the labels from the individual shadow packaging to label my palettes (though there are also shade names on the bottom of the pans).


Hedo CosmeticsHedo Cosmetics Buttercup
Hedo Cosmetics Buttercup over bare skin


Hedo CosmeticsHedo Cosmetics Clownfish
Hedo Cosmetics Clownfish over bare skin


Hedo CosmeticsHedo Cosmetics Crow
Hedo Cosmetics Crow over bare skin


Hedo CosmeticsHedo Cosmetics Damselfly
Hedo Cosmetics Damselfly over bare skin

Dart Frog

Hedo CosmeticsHedo Cosmetics Dart Frog
Hedo Cosmetics Dart Frog over bare skin

Deep Ocean

Hedo CosmeticsHedo Cosmetics Deep Ocean
Hedo Cosmetics Deep Ocean over bare skin


Hedo CosmeticsHedo Cosmetics Myrtle
Hedo Cosmetics Myrtle over bare skin


Hedo CosmeticsHedo Cosmetics Peach
Hedo Cosmetics Peach over bare skin


Hedo CosmeticsHedo Cosmetics Pigeon
Hedo Cosmetics Pigeon over bare skin


Hedo CosmeticsHedo Cosmetics Sky
Hedo Cosmetics Sky over bare skin


Hedo CosmeticsHedo Cosmetics Succulent
Hedo Cosmetics Succulent over bare skin


Hedo CosmeticsHedo Cosmetics Viper
Hedo Cosmetics Viper over bare skin

Without primer, these shadows are pretty sheer and experience a lot of fallout. While this wasn't too unusual for the bright shades (bright mattes in general tend to have finicky formulas) I was a bit disappointed that some of the more traditional shades like Succulent, Pigeon and Deep Ocean were very sheer as well.

That being said, based on my first EOTD attempt they are a lot easier to use when paired with primer. Here's a simple sunset gradient look I put together using three Hedo shadows.

sunset eyeshadow tutorial
Hedo Cosmetics ReviewSunset Gradient Eyeshadow Tutorial

(1) Hedo Cosmetics Buttercup
(2) Hedo Cosmetics Clownfish
(3) Hedo Cosmetics Peach

Other Products Used
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Lancome Monsieur Big Mascara


The shadows definitely benefit from an eyeshadow primer to increase pigmentation and minimize fallout. Now that I've figured that out, I'm looking forward to playing around with these shades more to create some bright matte looks. You can find Hedo Cosmetics on

Happy polishing,


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