April 19, 2017

Zoya Perfect Lipsticks Swatches, Review & Giveaway

Zoya perfect lipstick review

Hello readers,
Today I have the entire line of Zoya Perfect Lipsticks to share with you. I've swatched a few of these in the past as coordinating shades to new polish collections, but now I have the rest of the colours to show you. Get ready for lots of pictures. Make sure to read all the way until the end for a chance to win them all for yourself!


Zoya violette perfect lipstick

Violette is described as an amethyst purple cream. Personally, I would still classify this as a pink shade but it definitely has strong purple undertones. The formula was really comfortable to wear, but not so creamy that it just slides of your lips. It was also quite pigmented and you get good coverage with a single swipe.

Zoya violette swatch


Zoya cameron lipstick

Cameron is described as a creamy nude with a satin finish. I found the formula quite sheer and difficult to build up to any significant level of coverage. The swatches below took several swipes and are still somewhat patchy. Though it is described as a satin finish, the formula was very creamy and is prone to transfer. This one was a miss for me.

Zoya cameron lipstick swatch


Zoya paisley lipstick

Paisley is described as a blush rose with a satin finish. It has a medium level of pigmentation which can be built up or sheered out. I was easily able to get a nice even finish didn't have any problems with bleeding. The formula is quite creamy so transfer is going to be a thing to deal with. This is a super natural colour though, so it fades gracefully.

Zoya paisley lipstick swatch


Zoya maxwell lipstick

Maxwell is described as a deep plum with a soft fuchsia fleck and a matte finish. First off, I would describe this more as a red than plum. The shimmer is there if you look closely, but not overpowering or super sparkly. It didn't add any feeling of grittiness to the formula. As for finish, I would call this satin rather than matte.

Zoya maxwell lipstick swatch


Zoya mellie lipstick

Mellie is a bright watermelon pink creme. The formula was very pigmented and has a satin finish.

Zoya mellie lipstick

Matte Velvet Red

Zoya matte velvet red lipstick

Matte Velvet Red is a rich cool toned red. The formula was very pigmented and applied easily. Does it have a matte finish? Not really. I'd call this one satin.

Zoya matte velvet red lipstick


Zoya mackenzie lipstick

Mackenzie is a medium berry creme. The formula was quite sheer. It took several swipes to get the coverage in the swatch below. Though the bullet looks quite matte, on the lips it has more of a satin finish. This shade felt very creamy so be ready to do some reapplying through the day.

Zoya mackenzie lipstick


Zoya jasmine lipstick

Jasmine is a rich purple creme that leans more berry when applied (on my lips at least). This one was nicely pigmented and applied with a nice satin finish.

Zoya jasmine lipstick


Zoya georgia lipstick

Georgia is a medium neutral red creme. Neutral as in not too blue leaning but not to orange leaning either. This shade applies a lot lighter on the lips than it appears in the tube. It has medium pigmentation that can be built up or sheered out and goes on with a satin finish.

Zoya georgia lipstick


Zoya frankie lipstick

Frankie is a bright red creme. It leans a bit warmer than Georgia. Similarly it has a medium level of pigmentation which can be built up like in the swatch below or blended out for a softer look. This shade has a glossier finish than most of the others.

Zoya frankie lipstick


Zoya candy lipstick

Candy is super bright pink creme. Is neon fuchsia a thing? Because that's what this is. The formula is well pigmented with a glossy finish. It is quite creamy though so be ready to reapply.

Zoya candy lipstick


Zoya brooke lipstick

Brooke is a shimmery magenta. This shade is very sheer. It wears more like a shimmery tinted lip balm than a lipstick. On the plus side it wears very comfortably and doesn't feel gritty.

Zoya brooke lipstick


Zoya belle lipstick

Belle is a light cool pink with a subtle gold shimmer. The formula can be built up or sheered out for a softer look. This is another shade with a creamy formula that will need to be reapplied through the day.

Zoya belle lipstick


Zoya wren lipstick

Wren is a pale salmon pink creme. The formula was very sheer. I built up a few swipes in the swatch below but it still looked a little patchy and started settling in my lip lines. The formula was also very creamy so I expect it wouldn't wear for too long.

Zoya wren lipstick


Now for your chance to win the entire collection. That's all 14 shades! Good luck.

Open to residents of Canada and the US 18 years or older. No giveaway social media accounts may be used for any of the entry options. Winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize once a notification email has been sent. By entering this giveaway you agree to all terms. 


If creamy comfortable to wear lipsticks are your favorite, then there are lots of good choices in this collection. My personal favorites are Violette, Maxwell, Jasmine and Paisley. You can find Zoya on

Happy polishing,