April 03, 2017

Plum Massacre Nail Art

Essie silk watercolor swatch

Hello readers,
Today I have some jelly gradient nail art to share with you. I originally had a fishtail gradient in my mind, where each extra stripe of jelly polish would create darker and darker sections. Then end result? Not so much. It looks like a attacked a family of plums with my bare hands ... hence, Plum Massacre.

Essie no shrinking violet

I started by painting my full nails with one coat of Essie No Shrinking Violet. Then I did angled stripes up towards the tip of my in a braid pattern. The result? A sort of gradient, though the lines aren't as crisp as I had hoped. Even with 4 coats at the tips my nail line still clearly shows. Not what I had picture in my mind, but maybe I can salvage it with some stamping? Overall, I've learned that the Essie Silk Watercolor shades are best used as accents instead of on their own, since full coverage just isn't happening.

Gradient nail art

Essie silk watercolor swatch

Happy polishing,


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