September 04, 2017

Givenchy Noir Interdit Mascara Review & EOTD

Givenchy noir interdit review

Hello readers,
Today I have a new mascara from Givenchy to share with you.  The Noir Interdit formula promises extra length and volume and the wand bends up to 90 degrees to help you reach those hard to get lashes for even more coverage. I've never seen a bending mascara wand before so I was very curious to see if it made a difference.

Givenchy mascara review

The noir interdit mascara comes in a very sleek black square tube with embossed branding. It looks seriously fancy (which I would expect at a $38CAD price point). The wand features a one sided flexible comb with very fine bristles. The bristles are quite pointy though, so be careful not to scratch your eyelid.

Noir interdit mascara

The wand also has a hinge just below the comb that bends up to 90 degrees. At first I wondered how I would actually bend it without getting mascara all over my fingers, but then I realized I can just use the opening of the tube to press on the tip of the comb.

Givenchy mascara

Now for the real life testing! I really like the mascara formula. I have naturally long lashes, so I value volume over extra length. I found that the Noir Interdit formula gave my lashes extra definition and volume, but didn't add any noticeable length. The one sided comb also worked well for me. The fine teeth are great for combing out any pesky clumps. However, the bendy wand felt like more of a gimmick than a revolution to me. I tried using the wand while bent but it just felt awkward and unnatural. For me, it will remain straight in the future.

Here's an eye look I put together with everything except mascara.

Givenchy mascara review

... and here it as after I applied one coat of Noir Interdit. You can definitely see that there's extra volume and my lash tips stand out more.

Givenchy noir interdit

Overall, if you're looking for clump-free volume I think this is a good higher end option. You can find Givenchy on

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