September 13, 2017

Born Pretty Store Chameleon Flakes #2734 Swatches & Review

Born Pretty Store Chameleon Flakes 2734

Hello readers,
Today I tried combining gel effect flakes with nail vinyls to create some super shiny nail art. It didn't turn out quite like I had hoped, but I definitely learned some things along the way. Let's take a look at what worked and what didn't.

Born Pretty Store Chameleon Flakes 2734

Born Pretty Store multichrome flakes

Born Pretty Store's Chameleon Flakes in shade #2734 feature green to blue to purple shifting flakies. I was a bit surprised at the colour when I first opened this up. Based on the photos on the BPS listing, I was expecting blue to be the predominant colour with a shift to purple. In real life, these are very green with a strong blue shift. Pretty? Yes. What I was expecting. No. Setting that aside, here's how I used them in this design.

For the circular stenciled nails I started with a base of Zoya Padma. I used some concentric circle nail vinyls from Neverland Lacquers to outline the design I wanted. Then I rubbed Born Pretty Store's Chameleon Flakes in shade #2734 into the design. When I was happy with the coverage, I peeled off the vinyls and sealed everything with a coat of Picture Polish Revolution.

For the full coverage nails I started with the same base colour and I used my fingertip to rub the BPS flakes onto the polish. I sealed the first coat of flakes with Picture Polish Revolution, and once it was dry, applied a second coat of flakes.

Born Pretty Store Born Pretty Store Chameleon Flakes

Gel effects with regular polish

Chameleon nail art flakes

Born Pretty Store Chameleon Flakes 2734

You can see that flakes made it outside the lines in the circular designs. This is because I did the stenciled nails first and the full coverage nails afterwards. I recommend the reverse order if you're going to try this yourself. When you're doing the full coverage nails, flakes can escape. They're much easier to clean of of completely dry nails than those which you just added top coat to. You can find Born Pretty Store on

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