October 28, 2016

BVspa By Bon Vital' Body Lotion & Butter Review

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Today I have a couple more products from BVspa to share with you. Previously I reviewed (and loved!) their salt and sugar scrubs. Today I have the other half of the BVspa line featuring body lotions and butters that come in the same three scents as the scrubs - Pink Grapefruit, Pomegranate & Acai Berry and Lavender & Rosemary.

Body Butter

I tried the BVspa body butter in my favorite scent - Pomegranate & Acai Berry. It comes in a jar with a screw top lid and smells delicious, just like the salt scrub I tried in the same scent. This body butter features cocoa seed butter, shea butter and sunflower oil to hydrate your skin. This formula is thicker, as you would expect from a body butter, and as a result takes a little longer to fully absorb but once absorbed I didn't experience any greasy residue. The scent does linger for a while.

Body Lotion

I tried the BVspa body lotion in two scents - Pomegranate & Acai Berry and Pink Grapefruit. The Pomegranate & Acai Berry is more sweet while the Pink Grapefruit leans more tart, like a real grapefruit. These lotions come in a bottle with a pump top that locks with a twist. Featuring squalane, jojoba oil and sunflower oil the formula was significantly thinner than the body butter but absorbed a lot faster.


My personal pick from these two moisturizers is the body butter formula, but I can definitely see a place for both. The body lotion is more of a spot treatment about to rush out the door product while the body butter is more for getting ready for bed to cocoon and hydrate. In Canada the entire BVspa line is available at Shoppers Drug Mart. You can find BVspa on

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