October 12, 2016

Cadillacquer Mentha Swatches & Review

Cadillacquer hypnotic polish exclusive

Hello readers,
Today I have another Hypnotic Polish exclusive to share with you. Shimmery minty green and I was already making an order so it just happened to get added to my cart.

Hypnotic Polish Cadillacquer Cadillacquer Mentha Swatch

Mentha features a bright minty green jelly base with blue shimmer. The formula was really sheer. After three coats my nail line still shows through. I also had the issue that the shimmer seems to sink to the bottom of the bottle. At first I thought it was the usual ugly bottle syndrome but with some enthusiastic shaking it temporarily mixes back in. Photos show three coats of Mentha with one coat of Girly Bits Cosmetics Glitter Glaze in daylight spectrum lighting.

Mint green shimmer polish

Teal shimmer nail polish

Hypnotic polish cadillacquer exclusives swatches

While the end look is quite pretty, the finicky sheer formula was disappointing. I almost want this one to evaporate and thicken up a bit to make it more opaque and give the shimmer a better chance of staying suspended. You can find this exclusive shade on Hypnotic Polish. In general you can find Cadillacquer on

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