October 07, 2015

Nails Redesigned Hand & Nail Care Product Review

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Today I have some hand and nail care items from Nails Redesigned to share with you.  There's a little something for fall, a little something for winter and a little something for those tired feet.  Bonus, who can resist a hand care line called 'Calm Your Tips'... I love it!

Pedi Bombs | $2.50 per pair

Toss these in some warm water, watch them fizz and soak away.  They smell very minty from menthol crystals, which also give a nice cooling sensation.  Epsom salts and apricot oil help soften skin and callouses.  I soaked my feet with one of these and then finished up by scrubbing some stubborn spots with a foot file.  My feet felt soft and pampered afterwards.

Glass Nail File | $6.00

I definitely prefer glass files over emery boards.  They last way longer and cause less cracking and peeling at the free edge of my nails.  This one has a nice grit to it and takes care of shaping easily.  It also comes with a velvet sleeve so you can toss it in your purse.  For me it means I won't cringe every time I accidentally knock it on the floor.

Candy Cane Scrub | $10 8oz

First off, this stuff smells amazing.  If you love candy canes like me, then it will probably give you cravings.  The scrub comes with a handy little scoop which is great since you don't want to dip wet hands into the container.  I really love how large the grains of the pink salt grit are.  It takes lots of scrubbing before they dissolve.  The scrub also contains apricot oil to help moisturize parched skin and cuticles.  I found that after scrubbing and rinsing it felt like there was a little residue on my fingers.  However, once my hands were dry that feeling was gone and I was left with super soft skin.
Witch's Brew Cuticle Oil | $6.50 0.33oz

This Halloween themed scent is available now and features a base note of pomegranate with hints of green apple, pineapple, red grapefruit, and mango.  What you really need to know though is that it smells delicious.  The oil itself features a blend of jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, avocado oil, apricot kernel oil and rosehip seed oil to keep cuticles hydrated and healthy.  The tube comes with a plastic rollerball applicator which I love since it means I can't accidentally spill the oil.  I did find that the rollerball did stick a little at first making application a bit tricky, but it got a little better with use.  As for the cuticle oil itself, it absorbs quickly and left my fingertips feeling moisturized but not greasy.


My favorite product of these four is definitely the Candy Cane Scrub.  It smelled amazing, had a great long-lasting grit and left my hand feeling smooth and moisturized.  You can find Nails Redesigned on:


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