October 15, 2015

Birchbox Canada October 2015 Unboxing & Review

Hello readers,
My October Birchbox arrived in the mail yesterday.  This month we knew we were getting either an Eyeko or W3LL People mascara.  Since I'd already received the W3LL people one earlier this year, I knew the Eyeko was likely to be included.  Let's see what else joined it in the box.

PARLOR by Jeff Chastain Moisturizing & Repairing Shampoo | Full size $25

This shampoo also came with a foil pack of the matching conditioner.  I'm pretty sick of getting shampoo and/or conditioner from Birchbox.  I feel like I get hair products every month.  Yes, I'll use these up, but I'm not excited about trying them.  These two combined are worth $4.41.

Eyeko Black Magic Mascara | Full size $32

As I've stated before in these unboxings, I don't wear mascara.  This isn't a sample I would ever use but I have already arranged for it to go to a happy loving home.  Another miss.  This mini mascara is worth $14.34.

Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream | Full size $34

First off, the packaging is terrible.  The writing is already coming off and the lid was covered with fingerprint filled smudge of... something.  The cream itself had a cracked surface and looked dried out.  I emailed Birchbox about this and was given 100 points to make up for it.  This sample will be going in the trash.  Birchbox seems to have their full size pricing confused though, since on their site it's actually listed at $35.  Theoretically (based on the website pricing) it is worth $4.38.

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peed Sensitive | Full size $39

This is the only sample this month I'm actually excited about trying!  I love masks and peels so this one will go to good use.  Hopefully I'll get some nice smooth skin out of it.  Another pricing mixup with this one.  Full size on the Birchbox site is $42.  If we go by the website price, this sample is worth $5.46.

Visanti Cosmetics All Star 2-in-1 Face and Eye Primer | Full size $24

I have oily eyelids that cause shadow to crease almost instantly.  I definitely need primer.  However, in the past I've found that these multipurpose primers just don't stand a chance against my skin.  Eye specific primers seem to do a much better job.  Rather than potentially wasting a product I'll be putting this one up for swap.  This sample is worth $8.

The total value of this box is $36.59 which is significantly more than the $14.95 I paid for it.  However, I'm just not very excited about trying out most of the products.  For a personalized box, it doesn't seem very personalized.  The info card did say that sample choice is coming (finally!) so hopefully this will increase the likelihood of getting samples I'll use in the future. This month's box wasn't a good fit for me but maybe it's a better fit for you.  To find out more check out the Birchbox Canada website.  Don't forget to review your box items for an extra $5 in Birchbox points.

Happy polishing,



  1. I am just not excited about mine this month either, I received the same mascara (no surprise since I got the W3LL one before too) but it is just very blah this month

    1. December is the last month of my year sub. I have to start thinking about whether renewing is worth it. $160 can buy a lot of nice stuff from Sephora...