April 06, 2013

Turn That Jelly Sandwich Into a Cough Syrup Gradient

In my last post I showed you my true jelly sandwich manicure.  I felt like switching things up but didn't feel like taking off all that polish and starting from scratch so I decided to do a cough syrup gradient using the same jelly polish, Zoya Frida, that I had used for my previous manicure.  All I did was leave a small gap at the bottom of my nail and paint to the top.  Then, with each coat I left a bigger and bigger gap at the bottom of my nail.  After four to five coats (depending on how long the nail was) I had a nice gradient.  The technique was really easy and the results were pretty good, especially for a first try.  The downside?  Because there were so many coats at the nail tips it took a while to dry.  This is a manicure best left to those times when you want to be lazy and watch tv but want to actually watch the tv, not do your nails with the tv in the background.

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