April 27, 2013

Dupes: OPI Divine Swine vs Wet n Wild Take the Stage

I love OPI's Muppets Collection but it's getting harder and harder to find these days.  However, if you are lusting after Divine Swine you are in luck.  The Wet n Wild Fergie collection contains a polish that is a 90% match, Take the Stage.  See for yourself.

In the bottle Take the Stage looks a tiny bit more purple than Divine Swine.  However, one you put in on your nails, this difference seems to disappear.  I used two coats of each.

There were two main differences that I spotted between the two polishes.  First, the glitter in Take the Stage seems to be a bit more dense than that of Divine Swine.  Also, Take the Stage has two sizes of purple glitter where Divine Swine only has one.  Overall I think that Wet n Wild Take the Stage is a very reasonable substitute for OPI Divine Swine and bonus, it's less than half the price.  What do you think?

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