April 28, 2013

Nfu Oh 54 Swatch

I love flakie glitters.  I feel like they turn my fingertips into gemstones.  Yesterday was the first nice sunny day in a while so I took to the opportunity to take some pictures of how beautiful this polish looks, especially in natural light.  This is two coats of Nfu Oh 54 over one coat of China Glaze Manhunt.


  1. So pretty! I was never a big flaky fan (didn't understand the appeal of SOTT) but I'm a total convert. :)

    1. I love the ones that stay in the same colour family. This one shifts from green to teal to blue depending on the angle of the light hitting it.

  2. I love flakies as well and have this one on the way... so pleased to see this review! Absolutely gorgeous!