April 24, 2013

Julep Sea Salt Mystery Box Review

I can't resist a mystery box.  There are just so many awesome possibilities of what you could get.  When Julep announced their sea salt mystery box I figured this was a good (and cost effective) way to find out what all this textured polish hype was about.  For $24.99 you were guaranteed to get a box worth $70-$200 that contained at least one of their three new sea salt finish textured polishes.  I ordered and obsessively checked my mail until it came.  Here's what I got.

A lovely wrapped package with bright spring colours.  Their packaging is always so cute.  On top was a pair of separators and a nail file.  You can never have too many nail files.  Underneath was a mini package wrapped in purple paper.  It was full of polish!

A matte top coat, Claudette, Vivien, Jill and Simone were what waited inside.

I didn't already own a matte top coat so I was excited to see this.  It basically "doubles" the number of polish options I have since now I can give a matte finish to every colour.

Simone (Classic with a Twist) is a brick red cream polish.  Would not have been my first choice of colours but I'm sure I'll put it to use.

Vivien (American Beauty) is a mix of small and larger hex gold glitter.  I love this one.  It isn't a super yellow gold which is what I prefer since it goes better with my skin tone.  I think this will make a great glitter gradient.

Jill (Boho Glam) is a taupe coloured sea salt finish textured polish.  Unfortunately this is the one textured polish that I didn't want to get as I am not a big fan of very neutral colours.

Simone (Classic with a Twist) is a pink cream polish with a subtle blue shimmer.  I quite like this one as I haven't seen anything like it before.

Now, the big question, what do the sea salt polishes look like on???

Personally, I'm not a fan.  To me it looks like mixing concrete or a painted popcorn ceiling.  I've come to the conclusion that the textured polishes really need a glitter aspect to add more dimension to them.  As for the texture itself, I don't love it but I don't hate it.  It just kind of is.  I think in the future if I spot a texture polish that I love the colour of I would still buy it and then add a topcoat to even it out a bit.

Overall I'm happy with the box.  I got a few polishes that I liked and I finally got to try a textured polish (even if it was the colour I didn't want).  The matte top coat was a great addition too.  Want to become a Julep Maven so you'll get first dibs on their future mystery boxes?  Sign up here and use the code "freebox" at checkout to get your first box for free!

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  1. I am fascinated with the packaging too! Purple is one of the ideal shades to use when it comes to nail care product packages, especially with the undertone colors. You can see in the pictures how it matched with the neutral and glitter gradient nail polish. The wrapping paper and the confetti add color and fun to the box too.

    Vernia Soriano@ One Sixty Fourth