April 06, 2013

Time for a True Jelly Sandwich

A little while ago I talked about a polish with built in sparkles that made it look like you put more effort into your manicure than you actually did.  I figured it was time to try the real deal and see the difference.  I used my first every jelly polish, Zoya Frida, and a multi size glitter polish, Orly Mermaid Tail.  It actually didn't take too long because I only did one layer of glitter.  In total I did two coats of jelly polish, one coat of glitter polish and then one more coat of jelly.  I liked the final results though in the future I might switch one coat of jelly from below to on top of the sparkles to dim them down a bit, but that's just personal preference.  The one difference I noticed is that with the true jelly sandwich you don't get any bare sparkles on the top layer.  Which look do I prefer?  It's hard to say since Revlon Popular was more of a cream base.  I think either is doable in a short amount of time, it just depends what kind of look you're going for.

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