January 24, 2018

Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow Swatches & First Impressions

Stila Magnificent Metal swatch

Hello readers,
Today I have a selection of shades from stila's Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow collection to share with you. Because of my hooded eyelids, I'm wary of any cream or liquid eye products because they usually crease on me in approximately three seconds. However, I've heard that these wear really well even on hooded lids so I took the plunge, cashed in some Shoppers Optimum points and brought these glittery goodies home.

Stila glitter and glow

Bronzed Bell

Stila bronzed bell swatch

Bronzed Bell features a medium coverage shimmery bronze base with tons of tiny silver glitter flecks.

Stila glitter and glow review

Diamond Dust

Stila Diamond Dust swatch

Diamond Dust has a clear base filled with super shiny silver glitters along with a sprinkling of other glitters in blue, purple and green. I imagine this one would work best layered over a base shadow. It is ridiculously sparkly.

Stila glitter and glow review

Rose Gold Retro

Stila Rose Gold Retro swatch

Rose Gold Retro has a nicely pigmented metallic rose gold base with a good dose of tiny silver fleck glitters. This had the most pigmented base of the five shades I tried, and I think it would be the easiest to wear on its own. It's also the least glittery of the five shades. This doesn't mean it isn't sparkly - it definitely is - just not blindingly glittery like some of the other shades.

Stila glitter and glow review

Smoky Storm

Stila Smoky Storm swatch

Smoky Storm has a sheer shimmery pewter base filled with tons of tiny silver flecks and round silver glitters. I think this is another one that would work best over a base shadow.

Stila glitter and glow review

Smoldering Satin

Stila Smoldering Satin swatch

Smoldering Satin has a very similar formula to Smoky Storm, but the base colour is a bit warmer toned and leans a little more bronze.

Stila glitter and glow review


Overall first impression? So. Sparkly. I'm really looking forward to playing around with these more and adding them into some eyeshadow looks. It will also be interesting to see if stila releases this formula in any brighter/less neutral shades. There was a blue and purple available in the US, but they didn't seem to make their way to Canada. Crossing my fingers that they will be available here at some point. You can find stila on

Happy polishing,



  1. Your swatches are incredible! You managed to show the dimension of these shades so well in macro! Well done! I'll never get tired of these products. I own so many of them and yet every time I see them in a blog post I'm always like "yes, I love this" haha.

    1. Thanks Rachelle! I'm really hoping some of the newer more colourful blues and purples show up on the beauty boutique website so I can go on another optimum point shopping spree. I need them in my collection!