January 08, 2018

Cirque Colors New Year Trio Swatches & Review

Cirque Color New Year Trio

Hello readers,
Today I have the limited edition Cirque Colors New Year Trio, exclusive to Live Love Polish, to share with you. This trio features two full coverage shades along with a glitter topper. Let's take a look at swatches.


Cirque Clink ReviewCirque Clink

Clink! is a bright blue flecked metallic polish. The formula was very easy to work with and took two thin coats for full coverage. This dries with a soft satin finish that looked really nice with the flecked formula, so I decided not to add top coat. Photos show two coats of Clink! in daylight spectrum lighting.

Cirque Clink swatch

Cirque Clink review

Cirque Clink review


Cirque Fizz ReviewCirque Fizz

Fizz! features a clear base packed with tiny gold holo glitters. The formula was easy to work though a tad sheer, taking three coats for full coverage. Despite all those glitters this dries relatively smoothly, though I do recommend top coat if you need a perfect glossy finish. Photos show three coats of Fizz! with one coat of Girly Bits Cosmetics What A Rush top coat in daylight spectrum lighting.

Cirque Fizz swatch

Cirque Fizz review

Cirque Fizz review


Cirque Pop ReviewCirque Pop

Pop! features a  clear base with an assortment of small holo silver hex glitters, silver dots and holo silver stars. The formula was relatively easy to work with, though I did have to do a little bit of fishing for the larger dots and stars. On my middle and ring finger I brushed it on over Clink!. On my index and pinky fingers I dabbed it on the base of my nail for a more hand placed look. You're definitely going to want top coat with this one. One coat will leave some bumps, mostly from the stars. Two coats will get you a smooth finish. Photos show Pop! over Clink! with one coat of Girly Bits Cosmetics What A Rush top coat in daylight spectrum lighting.

Cirque Pop swatch

Cirque Pop review

Cirque Pop review


My personal favorite is Clink! and it does pair really nicely with Pop!.The New Year Trio is available exclusively on Live Love Polish. You can find L.L.P. on

In general you can find Cirque Colors on

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