June 16, 2017

Born Pretty Store Black Stamping Polish Review

Born Pretty Store Stamping Polish

Hello readers,
I really liked the Green Stamping Polish from Born Pretty Store and my go to bottle of China Glaze Liquid Leather ran out so I decided to try the black stamping polish from the same BPS collection. Let's take a look at how it performed.

First thing I noticed, this polish was really thick. I know stamping polishes tend to be a bit thicker but this was straight up gloopy. Even so, I still tested out with Born Pretty Store stamping plate BP-L060. The polish dried so quickly after scraping that I had trouble picking up a complete image and an even tougher time transferring it onto dry polish. Where I was able to get a the design to stamp the lines were nice and dark. Unfortunately it smudged really easily when I tried to top coat the design. All in all, I gave up after two nails.

Born Pretty Store Black Stamping Polish swatch

I think you've already figured this out, but I can't recommend this as a good option for black stamping polish. I still have a couple other colours to try from this line so I'm really hoping this one is an outlier. You can find Born Pretty Store on

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  1. I have a lot of trouble with their black too, and I know I'm not alone either. Also, it stains the skin around your nails really badly during cleanup, even if there's just a tiny speck on the cuticles for cleanup. I'm waiting for mine to run out.

    1. I'm going to try thinning this one, and if that doesn't work, continue my hunt.