November 24, 2016

Hello Waffle + Howl Cosmetics Lipsticks Part II - The Bolds & The Brights

Howl Cosmetics Lipsticks

Hello readers,
I'm back with the seconds half of the Howl Cosmetics core line now being sold by Hello Waffle Cosmetics. Check out my post from earlier this week featuring the more neutral shades along with some general info on formula and finish. All caught up? Let's take a look at swatches of the bright and bold shades from this collection. All the following swatch photos we taken in indoor lighting so keep in mind the colours may lean a bit warmer than natural shaded lighting.


Howl Cosmetics Corazon

Corazon is a vivid medium pink creme. The formula tugs a little bit on the lips when applying at first but after a swipe or two the bullet warms up and glides easily. It had a slightly more matte finish the the other shades in the collection but was still comfortable on the lips. The vividness of this shade was impossible to capture on camera so please note that it is a bit bright to the than it looks in the swatch photos.

Howl Cosmetics Corazon lipstick swatch

Howl Cosmetics Corazon lipstick

Howl Cosmetics Corazon


Howl Cosmetics Nerve

Nerve is a medium cool toned purple creme. The formula was creamier than Corazon and applied easily. I wasn't sure how this one would look on me based on the colour of the bullet. However, when applied it, the finish was slightly sheer (but not patchy) and picked up my natural lip colour resulting in a warmer finish. I really like the end result. Like the majority of the shades in this collection, this lipstick has a satin finish - not quite matte but not quite shiny.

One issue I did have with Nerve, though not formula related, was that my lipstick bullet was quite wiggly in the tube. Even after gently pushing it farther into the base I still couldn't get it to sit still. This meant I had to be really gentle when applying it so I didn't squish the bullet into the side of the tube. 

Howl Cosmetics Nerve lipstick swatch

Howl Cosmetics Nerve lipstick

Howl Cosmetics Nerve


Howl Cosmetics Risk

Risk is a super bright red creme. Is neon red a thing? Because that's what this is. The formula was similar to Nerve and had a satin finish. This shade did gather in my lip lines a little bit but it wasn't overly noticeable. Note that this one will stain your lips a bright pink leaning red.

Howl Cosmetics Risk lipstick swatch

Howl Cosmetics Risk lipstick

Howl Cosmetics Risk


Howl Cosmetics Prowl

Prowl is a deep berry creme. This one was a bit less pigmented then the other shades, but does layer up nicely. As a result it applies on the lips a bit lighter than the bullet looks. The formula was very similar to that of Nerve and Risk. Note that Prowl will stain your lifts a medium fuchsia shade.

Howl Cosmetics Prowl lipstick swatch

Howl Cosmetics Prowl lipstick

Howl Cosmetics Prowl


Howl Cosmetics Snowberry

Snowberry is a medium red leaning pink creme. It had the same formula as Nerve, Risk and Prowl though it had a slightly shinier finish. The pigmentation was perfect and left a muted pink stain on my lips.

Howl Cosmetics Snowberry lipstick swatch

Howl Cosmetics Snowberry lipstick

Howl Cosmetics Snowberry


Howl Cosmetics Lionheart

Lionheart is a medium brick red creme. This had the same creamy but not super cream formula as the majority of this collection and a satin finish. The pigmentation was great on this one as well.

Howl Cosmetics Lionheart lipstick swatch

Howl Cosmetics Lionheart lipstick

Howl Cosmetics Lionheart


Howl Cosmetics lipstick swatches

So there you have it, the bright and bold core shades from the Howl Cosmetics lipstick collection. My personal favorite from the bright and bold shades are Nerve, Prowl and Snowberry. The Howl Cosmetics lipsticks will be released by Hello Waffle Cosmetics tomorrow, November 25th, 2016, at 9AM EST. There will be two size options available. Full-size lipsticks like the ones shown in this post will retail for $16.50CAD. You can also get sample sizes in a clamshell container for $2CAD. These samples will have enough product for around three applications and are a good option if you're on the fence about a colour. Make sure you use the code 'BLACKFRIDAY' tomorrow to get 15% off your order. You can find Hello Waffle Cosmetics on


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