November 21, 2016

Hello Waffle + Howl Cosmetics Lipstick Swatches & Review Part I - The Neutrals

Howl Cosmetics Lipsticks

Hello readers,
A few months ago Howl Cosmetics announced they would be closing up their storefront and giving the rights the Howl name along with their recipes to Hello Waffle Cosmetics for future sales. Hello Waffle has been testing and experimenting for some time now and the revamped Howl lipsticks are going to be released this week. Today I have the six neutral shades from the new line to share with you.

The Howl lipsticks come in a sleek black tube and are described as having a semi-matte finish. If you have tried Howl lipsticks before, there has been a slight formula change. In addition to shea butter, Christine of Hello Waffle also incorporated mango and cocoa butter and caprylic/capric/triglycerides. Based on my comparison to the one shade I have in the old formula, these new ingredients make the formula a tiny bit creamier. If you've tried Hello Waffle's slimline lip colours before though, the new Howl formula is significantly more matte and less prone to transfer than those. All the following swatch photos we taken in indoor lighting so keep in mind the colours may lean a bit warmer than natural shaded lighting.


Howl Cosmetics Seek

Seek is a pale muted mauve creme. At first the formula tugs a bit on the lips when applying but after a swipe or two the bullet warms up and glides more easily. It has a satin finish and feels comfortable on the lips.

Howl Cosmetics Seek lipstick swatch

Howl Cosmetics Seek lipstick

Howl Cosmetics Seek


Howl Cosmetics Roam

Roam is a warm brown leaning pink. The formula was comparable to that of Seek. I think this is a really nice my lips but better shade.

Howl Cosmetics Roam lipstick swatch

Howl Cosmetics Roam swatch

Howl Cosmetics Roam lipstick


Howl Cosmetics Gingerbread lipstick

Gingerbread is a muted terracotta creme. This is Roam's peachier cousin and had the same formula as Seek and Roam. Another great my lips but better option.

Howl Cosmetics gingerbread lipstick swatch

Howl Cosmetics gingerbread lipstick

Howl Cosmetics gingerbread swatch


Howl Cosmetics Brulee lipstick

Brulee looks like a medium burnt orange in the tube but applies as more of a pastel orange. I had trouble with this shade's formula. The consistency felt waxier than the others and I found it difficult to get any colour onto my lips without pressing quite hard. The applied colour was somewhat sheer and patchy as a result.

Howl Cosmetics Brulee lipstick swatch

Howl Cosmetics Brulee swatch

Howl Cosmetics Brulee swatch


Howl Cosmetics Coeur lipstick

Coeur is a pale neutral pink. It is Seek's warmer toned cousin. The formula was also comparable to that of Seek, Roam and Gingerbread. I consider this a shade that walks the line between my lips but better and nude lips.

Howl Cosmetics Coeur lipstick swatch

Howl Cosmetics Coeur lipstick

Howl Cosmetics Coeur swatch


Howl Cosmetics Cuore lipstick

Cuore is a warm orange leaning pink creme. You are probably thinking that I accidentally mislabelled a picture of Roam, because they are very close. Cuore has slightly more coral undertones where as Roam leans a little more pink. I'll have a comparison picture at the end of the post so you can see them side by side. The formula for Cuore was a tad creamier than the others and the finish had a tiny bit more shine.

Howl Cosmetics Cuore lipstick swatch

Howl Cosmetics Cuore lipstick

Howl Cosmetics Cuore swatch


Howl Cosmetics lipstick swatches

Some of the shades are really close, so you likely don't need them all. However, this gives you the chance to pick the neutrals that best suit your skin tone since the perfect neutral for one person can completely clash with another. My personal favorites from these six shades are Roam and Coeur. I'll also have the six bolder shades from this collection on the blog later this week.

The Howl Cosmetics lipsticks will be released by Hello Waffle Cosmetics on November 25th, 2016 at 9AM EST. There will be two size options available. Full-size lipsticks like the ones shown in this post will retail for $16.50CAD. You can also get sample sizes in a clamshell container for $2CAD. These samples will have enough product for around three applications and are a good option if you're on the fence about a colour. Make sure you use the code 'BLACKFRIDAY' on the 25th to get 15% off your order. You can find Hello Waffle Cosmetics on


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