January 13, 2016

Birchbox Canada January 2016 Unboxing & Review

Hello readers,
My Birchbox arrived very quickly this month (I hadn't even received tracking yet!).  Our sample choices this month were between a body lotion, a face balm and a sheet mask.  I chose the face balm.  Let's see what else came in the box.

Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Water-Full Hydrogel Mask | Full-size $25

A hydrating mask will be useful in winter, but at $25 a pop I can't imagine ever purchasing this for myself.  These masks appear to be sold individually on the Birchbox site, so this sample is worth $25 (or $9 if you buy the same mask on Sephora.ca).

Ursa Major Fortifying Face Balm | Full-size $36

This is the sample I chose in my sample choice.  I wasn't really excited by any of the options and face cream seemed like something I would at least use up.  The sample itself is pretty tiny an has a strong scent.  Hopefully it won't stick around after application.  There wasn't a size listed on the tube, so I'm estimating it at 0.3fl oz making this sample worth $4.32.

TONYMOLY Delight Tony Tint | Full-size $6

A red lip product = a lip product I won't use.  It also looks like this was the only shade sent out so swapping for a better for me shade isn't a possibility.  This is another sample without a listed size.  I'm estimating it at 3ml mmkaing this sample worth $2.17.

derma e Hydrating Scrub | Full-size $20

I've tried a derma e scrub (an anti-aging one if I remember correctly) from Birchbox.  It was alright but nothing special.  I will use this up, but I'm not particularly excited about it.  This sample is worth $5.01.

gorge I'll Make You Look Amazing Daily Spray | Full-size $40

Last but not least is a leave in conditioning spray.  However, the product inside seems very gloopy (especially for a spray product) and the bottle is only 2/3rds full.  I'm wondering if mine went bad?  I've emailed Birchbox to find out if this is what the product's consistency is supposed to be like.  Hopefully I'm just being over-cautious.  This sample is worth $10.02.


The total value of this box is $46.52, which is significantly more than the $14.95 I paid for the box.  There are definitely products I will use, but nothing has me super excited this month. If this looks like a box you'd like to receive check Birchbox out here to find out more.
Happy polishing,


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