September 04, 2015

Products I Finished This Month - August 2015

Hello readers,
How is it already September?? I feel like the summer flew by.  Another month gone by means time for more empties.  I challenged myself to tackle my stockpile of sample sizes this month and I made a good dent.


Nothing too spectacular this month.  I liked the pur-lisse as a facial sunscreen but not as an everyday moisturizer.  The Avene and Caudalie toners were nice but more expensive yet no more effective than my usual clinique.  The Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion continues to be a staple in my skin care routine.  I wish they sold the Glowing Mama brand somewhere accessible in Canada.  I love their scrub but shipping is very pricey.


The usuals are all present.  The Herbal Essences Naked line continues to be my favorite.

Bath & Body

The standouts this month were the Bee Kind shower gel (though it's quite expensive), the I love... bubble baths and my Life Brand Citrus epsom salts.  I was disappointed by the Not Soap Radio shower gel (it smelled like dishsoap!) and the Macbeth Collection body scrub barely scrubbed at all.  Most disappointing was the Lavanilla deodorant.  I had heard such good things... but it didn't work at all for me.  Within a few hours it seemed like I hadn't bothered with deodorant at all.

Happy polishing,



  1. Apparently you have to give the Lavanilla deodorant something like two weeks to be effective while your pits "purge" all the yucky stuff. I didn't want to go around smelling for two weeks so into the trash it went. :/

    1. It definitely took more than two weeks to finish up that entire stick. I wanted it to work so badly... but alas, I'm not going to go to work smelly every day. I have one more, since it came in a duo pack, so maybe I'll give another try in the late fall when it's not hot and sweaty out.