September 23, 2015

CrowsToes Jotunheim Swatches & Review

Hello readers,
Today I have a polish from CrowsToes' 9 Realms collection to show you.  I bought this when it first came out and then somehow it sat on my shelf for months without getting worn.  Now that it's on my nails I never want to take it off.  Look at that sparkle!

Jotunheim features a deep purple jelly base packed with two sizes of tiny gold glitters.  At steep angles the glitters do appear to have a green shift to them, but this turned out to be absolutely impossible to capture in a picture.  The base was a bit of a trickster too.  In some lighting it looks 100% purple but in others I could swear it was a deep sapphire blue.  The formula was very easy to work with and took three coats to become opaque.  The glitters all lay flat and dried quite smoothly.  Photos show three coats of Jotunheim with one coat of Essence Gel-Look top coat in daylight spectrum lighting.

CrowsToes is in the process of setting up their own shop after Llarowe dropped all external indie brands from their shop, but in the meantime be sure to check for updates on:


If you can't wait that long, check them out at these great stockists: 

If you haven't shopped at Harlow & Co before, make sure to use the above link to get a coupon code for 5% off your purchase.

Happy polishing,