September 09, 2015

Born Pretty Store Peel Off Basecoat Review & Discount Code

Hello readers,
I love glitter.  I hate taking it off, so I've tried out pretty much every peel off base coat there is.  When Born Pretty Store offered me the chance to review theirs, I couldn't refuse.  There weren't any directions on the bottle of website, so I just went with what I found worked best of other ones I've tried.  I applied two thin coats over bare nails (except for my index finger... which had a thin layer of clear gel... we'll talk about that later) and let them dry completely.  Then I polished as usual with one coat of CND Super Sticky basecoat, two coats of Reverie Nail Lacquer Aubergine, a coat of gelous and a coat of Essence Gel-Look top coat.

The base wore quite well.  I didn't notice any lifting until the second day and even then, it was very minor.  When removing, I gently pulled the polish away from the nail starting at my cuticles and working my way in and up.  For the most part the polish came away easily and cleanly but I did get some minor damage to the nail surface in a couple spots.  This is most noticeable in the picture on the tip of my middle finger.

Now, back to the index finger.  A few weeks ago I applied a thin layer of clear gel on my index finger nail as a bandaid to help a crack grow out.  What appears to be nail damage about a third of the way up from my cuticle is actually just the edge of the gel, not anything caused by the peel off base coat.  I will note however that the base coat did not peel off nearly as easily on this nail, and took a little gel with it, so this peel off method is only meant for natural nails.

So, would I use this again?  Yes.  For super glittery polishes that I know will be an absolute pain to remove I think it works well.  Would I wear it under every mani? No.  I think over time the minor damage could build up into weaker nails if I wore this over and over, but just using it every so often I think is fine.  Personally, I found this to be comparable to Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter-A-Peel and for me it worked way better than Picture Polish's Peel Off Glitter Base.  Body chemistry seems to play such a huge role in which bases work and don't work for each individual though that I think you just have to try them out and see which works for you. If you're thinking of trying this base coat or any other items from Born Pretty Store make sure to use the coupon code MSTK31 for 10% your order of regular priced items.

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